Sunday, May 13, 2012

Create a Custom Real Estate Map with Clickable Areas and Linkable Regions

Interactivity is an important element for websites today -- whether it is for commercial or personal use.

This type of interactivity is crucial to the operations of a business website and would spell success or failure for a brand, product or service.

The real estate industry is no exception to this online trend. In an industry that is known for voluminous listings and directories of properties for sales or rent, having an innovative and highly interactive element to a real estate website could get visitors, and potential customers, hooked and would want to explore these properties more.

One such tool or element can be provided by interactive real estate maps. With a growing number of business transactions performed online, having such advantage could spell success and prosperity to a real estate website -- and to the business as well.

Interactive real estate maps can provide prospective buyers or investors an innovative way of obtaining information about a home, building and other real estate property. Instead of going through a dizzying array of listed properties, website visitors can use the interactive maps and get a graphical and more comprehensive set of information that they can use in deciding which property they would consider to explore more or on some occasions -- rent or purchase the property outright online. Interactive real estate maps can display clickable geographical locations where the properties for sale or rent can be found.

Specific areas can be custom defined and highlighted with coloured shades or animation to indicate available properties, with mouse rollover features that provide pop-out information about the property and transition animations with link to additional page once the area is clicked. This provides a fast and convenient way for visitors to navigate through the site -- an entertaining and exciting alternative to browsing through each property listing in a directory.

There are several interactive mapping tools available that can be used for this purpose, some of which can be publicly accessible or free such as Google Maps. However, such free software can be difficult to configure and could not be integrated to a backend database that the website may have. On top of that, advertisements and other unintended locations can appear during searches using Google Maps, which can draw your visitors' attention from their supposed target.

Using special mapping software for interactive real estate maps can give you customization features as well as easy integration with databases and other listings that your website may have. This could be very helpful particularly if the business has a fairly large directory of property listings that would be too exhausting for a prospective buyer to look at one by one.

With interactive real estate maps, finding a specific property can be fast and easy as well as entertaining and comprehensive. Interactive real estate maps are very comprehensive and innovative navigation tools that are not only very effective for use in the buying or selling aspect of the real estate business, but it can be used for other related purposes as well.

The interactive maps easy integration with databases can provide information not only of properties for sale or rent but for other services as well such as home renovation providers, moving and relocation, gardening, and other services that prospective property buyers may also be interested in. On top of that, a simple click of the mouse can link to additional information about the property, the county, city or state as well as additional information on other properties or landmarks within the immediate vicinity of the property. Soon, 3D elements can be an incorporated feature and would show not only the geographical location of the property but also an interactive 3D rendition of the property as well.

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