Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SAP ERP Services: The Best Business Tool Ever Invented

As an entrepreneur, you may also be looking for new and efficient Strategies, Application integration, Collaborations, or Empowering your staff with secure access to information and you certainly wish for a common platform to enable all your business functions, a magic wand that would empower you like nothing else would.

The Magic WandTo strengthen the competitive advantage of your business requires you first to know and improve all the business processes. Similarly, to know and analyse your business problems you need to have all the facts before you to take a decision. In this technology driven age, you also need the strategy to take advantage of the latest technology available and have an efficient IT ambience for your office. The platform you are looking for is that of SAP services and the best business tool, the magic wand' you need, is the SAP ERP system.

The acronym SAP
SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products'. It was founded in 1972 by five former IBM employees and today it is world's largest inter-enterprise software. SAP applications provide the capability to manage financial, asset and cost accounting, materials and production operations, plants and warehouse, human resources and data repositories. The latest R/3 system is now being used which runs on a variety of computer operating systems and works similar to the client and server model.

Enterprise Core Component
All SAP's products focus on Enterprise Resource Planning', and SAP ERP is the main product, the current version being SAP ERP 6.0. If used strategically this can prove to be the best business tool one can ever possess, and can perhaps run an entire business enterprise in a most dynamic way.

Examples of SAP in business
Finance: One can now achieve the financial goals by streamlining the financial reporting and periodic closings, be it monthly, quarterly or annual. You can also provide all information your financial department may require from time to time for a better performance.

Procurement: Now you can easily monitor your inventory and procurement activities, integrate the data for sourcing and procurement, and negotiate with supplies more effectively.

Information Technology: Your enterprise can now be transformed into a highly efficient business platform, deliver reliable and useful information, control and optimize all the IT operations of your business. You can also have Enterprise mobility solutions and leverage the many features-rich capabilities of smartphones and tablets to enable your staff to access data on the move by using enabled business solutions.

Manufacturing: With SAP support you can analyze and assess all manufacturing processes and strategically align them according to your desired goals. You can manage your supply chain more efficiently, face any cost and quality problems and provide the appropriate solution.

Service sector: You can ensure continuous improvement in the performance of your staff by efficient tracking, billing and client support. You can also have an improved system of after-sales service by using

Today thousands of large as well as small to medium enterprises are using SAP enabled services to run their business more effectively, efficiently and energetically. Why don't you be one too?

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