Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teacher Interview Tips: How To Pass Your Teacher Job Interview

Applying for a teaching job opening will not be as easy as a breeze if you are not armed with effective teacher interview tips. If you want to ace your teacher job interview, follow the techniques discussed in this article.
Attending an interview for that teaching job opening you desire can be nerve wracking. You also have to make a good impression to increase your chances of acing that teacher job interview. Below are several teacher interview tips that you should be aware of prior to attending an interview:

1. Preparation is a must.

Among good interview techniques that can be applied not only to teaching applications, but to any type of job application is to be prepared. If you're applying as a teacher, you have to make sure that you have all your requirements e.g. certifications, sample lesson plans, among others. Of course, you should also have with you your resume or curriculum vitae, a character reference sheet from your previous employer, and so on. It is also best that you are prepared enough to do a teaching demo when you're asked to do so.

2. See to it that you have basic information about the school you're applying to.

One of the teacher interview tips that you should always utilize is for you to do your research and learn about the actual school or university. You should also have knowledge on the different school programs, courses, and activities of that specific institution that has a teaching job opening. Oftentimes, interviewers may ask you one or two questions about what you know about their universities, and if you are able to answer accurately, you'll have added points in your teacher job interview.

3. Dress professionally for the interview.

Part of good interview techniques is also for the applicant to utilize power dressing. When you dress professionally, you'll definitely make a good impression. You have to ensure too that you look respectable. Thus, among teacher interview tips is for you to avoid wearing a skirt that's too short, a top that's haltered, or too body-hugging, and the likes. Having a tattoo and other piercings aside from your pair of ear piercings is also a huge no-no.

4. Have some practice a few days before your interview.

Another technique on how you can be hired for a teaching job opening is for you to think of basic interview questions and practice how you answer them. It is a good idea for you to look at the mirror and observe your body language and facial expression while you're answering those teacher job interview questions.

If you find yourself frowning while answering, remind yourself that you have to look pleasant and smile sincerely from time to time while answering questions. It is also suggested that you practice the interview with your sibling, or your friend, and, ask your 'interview buddy' to give any feedback or criticisms he or she may have. Of course, you have to improve on any weak areas prior to the interview.

Practicing for interviews is one of the truly essential teacher interview tips that can make you more confident and help you give great answers when interviewed.

5. Answer questions with tact, the right grammar, appropriate tone, etc.

If you want to land that teaching job opening, you also have to choose your words carefully whenever you answer. You should also have the right grammar and pronunciation. You'll become the students' role model, after all, and having proper pronunciation and grammar when speaking or teaching is important. Your tone should not be condescending as well. Instead, it should be calm and pleasant.

Following teacher interview tips and good interview techniques will up your chances of being hired as a teacher.


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